Sunday, July 1, 2012

What is CC Connected?

CC Connected, otherwise known as Classical Conversations Connected Community, (or simply just C3,) is an on-line subscription service available through the Classical Conversations website.  It is one tool that I personally would not want to live without, for it's where I download our songs, slides, worksheets, games, Science Snippets, History Highlights, and other resources related to what we're studying in Classical Conversations.

If you've ever read about the tri-fold board we use at home (especially for my youngest children), CC Connected is where I download all the slides for that board. I also download things like free lapbook templates (there are some great ones!) and activity sheets to use in our home.  [Note that Classical Conversations (currently fmoderator1) is still in the process of uploading some of the materials like powerpoint files.]

There are four main parts to the CC Connected subscription:
  1. Classical Learning Center (with Timeline Hand Motions video)
  2. Memory Work Tutorials (for all three cycles!)
  3. Dialectic Discussion Forum
  4. At-Home File Sharing
The Classical Learning Center includes helpful videos and links to other resources.  The link to "Timeline Videos w/ Handmotions" on the right sidebar will take you to a video of hand motions choreographed to the Timeline song.

On-Line multimedia Flash tutorials are available for memory work in all three cycles of Classical Conversations - just one of many ways that children can review their memory work.  Links to relevant files, such as History Highlights, can also be found for each week's memory work.

The Dialectic Discussion Forum offers a way for parents to ask questions, gain wisdom, and glean ideas from each other.

And, my favorite part, At-Home File Sharing.  There are over 1,400 files for Cycle 2!

After selecting the cycle (or week or category) you are searching for, a long list of resources will appear that Classical Conversations and CC parents have shared with the members of the C3 Online Community.  If you have a subscription to CC Connected, you will likely not need to purchase the Audio CD or the Memory Work Resources CD, as many of these files are posted to CC Connected by Classical Conversations (but only one semester at a time).  In addition to those files, there are tons of resources developed by gifted CC users.  (Let me just say that I am so very thankful for the talented musicians who post songs they've created for subjects like science, which only has spoken audio available from Classical Conversations.)

An extra note:  It can be overwhelming to click on a cycle and see hundreds of files available.  To better manage these files, I sort them all by date.  Simply click on the "Uploaded" heading twice, and it will sort files starting with the most recent.

Watch the video Introduction to CC Connected for more details:

For families that are enrolled in a community, the subscription price for Foundations is $6/month. Visit Classical Conversations Connected Community to find out more or to subscribe.


  1. I have a CC connected question. I've been on CC connected for a year - mainly using it for tutoring information. Do you use CC Connected as the only way you get your mp3s for the year? If so, when do they post the new information? Did you ever feel like you were waiting for a song to post? When do you think they'll post the new timeline song?

  2. CC Connected is the only way I get our mp3s for each year. Classical Conversations is supposed to post all the resources for the fall semester by the end of May. In fact, they have already started uploading songs and other resources from the MWRCD, and they recently announced that they will include the timeline song in those uploads. Other songs that are created by the parents and tutors will come available as the tutors and parents make and share them. (These are the ones I'm usually waiting for, but I would not even have access to them if it were not for CC Connected.) When I see it uploaded, I'll try to remember to respond to this post again to let you know!

  3. Last year, I used the C3 online tutorials with my son. They were one of the highlights of his day!

  4. CC Connected now has the Timeline Song, Presidents Song, History Songs & History Highlights, Latin Songs, Tin Whistle Masters, Science Snippets, Cycle 1 GeoNotebook, and Math, Science, English Grammar, History, Timeline & Geography Spoken Audio (and slides if you use a tri-fold board). Remember to sort files by date by clicking the "updated" heading twice. Happy Downloading!

  5. Sorry I forgot to respond to this post. "I'll try to remember..." did not work for my feeble brain. (I wish there were a way to highlight these things and make reminders for myself!) All of the mp3s for Cycle 1 are now available by username foundations and nogreaterjoy5. I'm sure other talented folks will upload songs as well, but this will provide you with songs for every piece of memory work (aside from Bible, which is not part of memory master testing). Blessings!

  6. Are they down again? I started to subscribe today and saw that they finally were letting me but I needed to wait until tonight. Now it's not allowing me. Glitches? Bummer...really looking forward to it!

  7. Not sure why that is happening, but it could be some final glitches...? I know of others who have been able to successfully subscribe today, so hopefully that means it will be worked out for everyone very, very soon!

  8. This is our first year with CC and homeschooling (my oldest is 5, starting Kindergarten). Is CC Connected that helpful for such a young age, or a little more suitable for students who are a bit older?

  9. Our children have not really used the tutorials, but I have used so many other resources for them: copywork pages, art ideas, printouts for the tri-fold boards, and especially the songs. At the start of each semester, I burn a CD that contains songs for the entire semester's memory work, and I attribute our success with memory work to that more than any other things I have used or done. You can always wait to see how it goes without it, but I use CC Connected for all of my children (ages 3 through 9). Thanks for the question!

  10. Thank you so much for the "click uploaded twice" info!!! I've always wished there were a way to sort them by date to make finding the new stuff easier!! I should have known there was!

    I have found C3 to be moderately helpful but sometimes wonder if just printing stuff from the resource CD would be more time and cost effective. I know my kids prefer navigating the resource CD for the turorials much better than on C3 (and I prefer it too bc they don't have to be online, even though the resource CD is not super easy to navigate either). I never use anything downloaded by CC onto C3 but I have appreciated some of the stuff other families share.

  11. Thanks for mentioning this! I speak only from our own experience, and when we have bought the resource CD and audio CD from Classical Conversations in the past, we never used it. But we have used SO MUCH of CC Connected. Every family is different, which is great to point out!

    For us, our subscription is worth it just to have the songs for science and geography. I also am a sub tutor, and as a tutor, CC Connected is so helpful for all the activities and ideas - especially for Great Artists and Composers!

    Thanks for your comment!

  12. I tutored two yrs ago and agree that it was a great resource for a tutor! I used it much more for tutoring than with our family.

  13. Do you know how much it is if you are not in a community? We had to step out this year because of a job change.

  14. It's $60/month if you are not a member of a community. Thanks for your question!

  15. I would like to get the file to make the flip book. Can you tell me the best way to search to find that file on C3? I am in a CC community (3 in Foundations) but not currently a member of C3, so I will need to join that. Thanks in advance. :)

  16. Hi Amy! They are uploaded by user melodystroud. Visit for more information or to email her directly! Blessings to you!