Saturday, May 12, 2012

What is the Parent Practicum?

As I prepare to lead Geodrawing Camp at our upcoming local summer parent practicum, I just want to extend the invitation to all parents to register for a Classical Conversations Parent Practicum this summer! Classical Conversations Parent Practicums are workshops intended to equip parents in the tools of classical learning.   It's a great place to meet and fellowship with other parents, ask questions and learn from other parents and tutors, and start to actually see how to implement a classical education in your home.  You'll learn something new and find inspiration for the upcoming school year.  And it's FREE for parents!

Whether you are new to Classical Conversations or are a seasoned CC'er (or just considering Classical Conversations), you're bound to walk away having learned something this year as we take a crash course on the Latin language.

For more details, watch the 2012 Parent Practicum Video here:

(NOTE:  My boys have loved the children's camps that are also provided.  They're actually excited that they will get to go to the Geodrawing camp twice this summer!)

Last year as we focused on Improving Our Vision, I was thoroughly inspired and motivated for the coming year!  My hope is that you, too, are inspired and motivated as you prepare for Cycle 1.  To find a practicum near you, visit Classical Conversations Equipping Events.

Resources that I recommend reading this summer (for free) are:
You can also read about how we accidentally came across Classical Conversations at a time when we didn't even know what Classical Education was:  Part 1 and Part 2

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