Friday, April 26, 2013

Classical Conversations Blog Carnival

a Carnival for Classical Conversations users
...and others implementing a Classical Christian Education in their homes.

What is a Blog Carnival?
A blog carnival is a community of bloggers who share a common interest.  Typically, bloggers submit their blog entries to be included in a newsletter (in this case, a monthly newsletter), and the host of the blog carnival collects these links, which point to other blog articles about a particular topic. Sometimes the host rotates between a select group of bloggers/websites; sometimes the host is always the same person/website. 

Why a Blog Carnival?
I really enjoy reading about projects and ideas other CC users have implemented.  A blog carnival would be a way for all of us to showcase our favorite projects each month and to become more of an extended community where we share our lives with each other.  While a weekly link-up would help us to share our ideas on a weekly basis for planning purposes, a monthly carnival would allow us to share what we've been doing with each other on a larger scale.  If you already blog about your homeschool, you have very little extra to do to share your work with others.  To see what a blog carnival newsletter might look like, visit my favorite blog carnival, Handbook of Nature Study.

How do I participate?
For non-bloggers, just read our past Blog Carnival Entries here.

For bloggers, go to the Classical Conversations Blog Carnival before the end of each month.  Click on "Submit your Blog Article to this Carnival."

Copy and paste the URL, Select a category, and include any notes or remarks.  The more remarks you make, the better the host will do in describing your blog article.  :)

Click Submit.  I will review your blog article and figure out how to best include your work in the next newsletter.  Newsletters will come out over the weekend following the last day of each month (the submission deadline).  I humbly ask for grace as I try to figure this thing out, and if I am ever a few days late on the newsletter, please be patient with me!  I'm a mess work in progress!

The deadline for blog carnival entries is the last day of each month.  The newsletter will be written and sent out the weekend following the last day of each month. Subscribe to this blog via email to receive the newsletter in your inbox.

Click here to submit your entry.

Note:  When you link to your entry, please link directly to the blog article you would like included in the monthly blog carnival newsletter.  Also link back to this post, or to the newsletter that you are featured in, or directly to the blog carnival - so that others will have access to our shared experiences!

Grab the Carnival Button (or just use a text link if you prefer):

Classical Conversations Carnival
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Classical Conversations Carnival" width="200" height="200" /></a>

More Details
This carnival is a collection of blog entries from families participating in a Classical Conversations Community or using Classical Conversations curriculum in their home. Submissions should include projects that have been completed to supplement your Classical Conversations studies. Although sharing our experiences is the primary purpose of this carnival, other entries related to classical homeschooling will be considered.  

All entries must mention and link back to - you are welcome to grab the Classical Conversations Carnival button and use it on your blog. If you have any questions, please email me at brandyferrell at yahoo dot com. Please send in your blog entries at the end of each month showing how your family implemented CC in your home or community. 

How to Subscribe to Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood via e-mail You can receive the newsletter by subscribing to my blog.  Visit Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood and enter your email address in the right sidebar.  Then look for an email to arrive from Feedburner with the title  Activate your Email Subscription to: Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood.  You have to click on the verification link in that email to start receiving Half-a-Hundred Acre emails in your inbox. It may arrive in your spam mail, so check there, too! 

The purpose of this carnival is to encourage and inspire families all over the world as they embark on learning classically - together - all for the Glory of God.

NOTE: Contributing bloggers, please also link back to the Blog Carnival or to the post in which you were featured.  

Thank you for participating and sharing in our Classical Christian Community experience!

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