Thursday, April 18, 2013

Free e-Books for Classical Conversations Cycle 2

Our plans are to provide booklists for Cycle 2, eventually narrowing down our personal book selections to provide a specific reading plan in one of our Cycle 2 planners.  For those who are supplementing CC on a shoestring, I thought I'd start by letting you know there are many free e-books that align with our memory work for Cycle 2, though some are a bit advanced for younger children. 

I've not quite figured out the best way to share these, but you can access a running list of books at the Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood Amazon Store site, which provides book summaries and reviews.  It's a work in progress, but I'm hoping it helps those who are trying to make book selections. Note that the free kindle e-books may have misspellings due to the transfer of the book into digital format.

Click here for more free kindle e-book titles
There are several book selections organized by cycle here.  These are not free but can be ordered via Amazon or another bookseller or checked out from your local library.  I will be making and posting a downloadable list of these books organized by week at a later date.

Other places to find free ebooks:

Search for the literature you have chosen to include in your studies on Archive.orgFree e-books can also be found in e-pub/pdf and/or mp3 format at Project GutenbergGoogle e-books (search and then select "free" from the drop-down menu), LibrivoxBooksShouldBeFree, or MainLesson (also known as The Baldwin Project) . For even more children's literature, visit Children's Books On-Line.  JustFreeBooks searches most of these websites but is not always easy sorting through all the search results...  

Many of the "Living Books" recommended by AmblesideOnline are available for free.  Check this site for links to where you can find those books as well.  Many of the books available through Yesterday's Classics are available for free on The Baldwin Project (Main Lesson).

There's an explanation on how to use these sites at our previous How to find Free Literature for Cycle 1 post.

UPDATE:  For our personal Cycle 2 Book Selections (within our planner), click here.
For a general booklist of read-aloud and picture books that correlate with Cycle 2, click here.

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Note that our astore contains affiliate links, but that does not increase the cost of purchases made on Amazon directly.  When you shop via our astore, it assists us in the transfer of this blog to a self-hosted site and provides opportunities for us to provide more freebies for readers of Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood (e.g., the upcoming book suggestions and reading plans - which requires us to purchase several books to review prior to making specific recommendations).  Thanks for supporting Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood!

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