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THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED FOR THE 2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR.  Please feel free to assist in the effort by letting me know of any inactive or outdated links!  Thanks a bunch!

Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Supplemental Resources Link List  

(This is a work in progress, so please excuse formatting errors.  Feel free to email me if you come across inactive links.)

Please note that this is not a lesson plan (i.e., it is not intended that anyone do all of the listed activities).  This is simply a list of optional resources you can use if you'd like to supplement. If you have younger children in grades pre-k through 2nd, many of the activities listed here will be too advanced, though several resources (such as coloring pages or mini-books) are intended for this age group.

If you're new to Classical Conversations, read Classical Conversations for Beginners To get organized for the year, you can try Money Saving Mom's Homeschool planner.

I've also put together a planner geared towards Cycle 3. If you're interested in using this, you can download the Cycle 3 Planner 1-Page or Cycle 3 Planner 2-Page.  (Excel spreadsheets:  Cycle 3 Weekly Planner 1-Page XLSCycle 3 Weekly Planner 2-Page XLS.)

For memorization, go to Simply Charlotte Mason's Memory System.  The downloadable flashcard computer program Anki uses this principle to review material as well.

For Lesson Plans on virtually any history or science topic, search for your topic of interest at Core Knowledge Lesson Plans

Our Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Posts (includes photos of many of the resources listed on this page)  

This list of resources is to be used with the Foundations Guide 4th Edition from Classical Conversations.  (Without the guide, this is just a list of links, and you will really miss out on the advantage of using the Classical Conversations program.)

Our Classical Conversations Blog Posts
CC 101
Cycle 3
What we did for Classical Conversations Cycle 3
Flashback to Cycle 2
Timeline & U.S. Presidents
Weeks 1-24
U.S. Presidents: Weeks 19-24

American History
All Weeks 1-24
You are There Old-Time Radio programs
History Readings Schedule for Cycle 3 (includes correlations to the Veritas Press Timeline Cards, Story of the World, A Short History of the United States, and American History Stories) 
Free books for American History at Old-Fashioned Education (includes suggested reading levels)
America's Story for America's Children Vol 1-5 by Mara Louise Pratt-Chadwick
A First Book in American History by C.A. Beard and W. C. Bagley 
Simple Schooling’s Raising Refounders (NOTE:  Raising Refounders materials were transferred and reformatted from older books in the public domain. Some of the historical books used in the early 20th century contain discrepancies in some of the more uncertain facts at the time (as in Columbus’s birth).  The Columbus document states the year of his birth incorrectly because of this discrepancy, which can be seen by looking through First Book in American History by historians Charles Beard and William Bagley.)
Week 1: Columbus
Go West with Columbus Game (Gameboard; Game Cards)
Cavalcade of America You Were There Columbus Discovers America program
Week 2: Pilgrims

Toymaker's paper mayflower
Toymaker’s Paper Pilgrim and Indian Finger Puppets
Paper Toys Pilgrim family
Virtual Thanksgiving Field Trip to Plimouth Plantation
Cavalcade of America's You Were There Program Sailing of the Mayflower (download mp3)
Yours and Mine: The Lesson of 1623 (a free DVD from
Week 3: Boston Tea Party

American Revolution Lapbook (click here for direct link to lapbook download)
People of the American Revolution from Liberty’s Kids
Week 4: Declaration of Independence

American Revolution Lapbook (click here for direct link to lapbook download)
Audio of The Founding Documents of the United States of America (Includes Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" Speech, The United States Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Virginia Plan, The Constitution of the United States, Federalist Paper No. 51, United States Bill of Rights, Subsequent U.S. Constitutional Amendments, First Inaugural Address of President George Washington)
Simple Schooling’s free unit study Why We Celebrate the 4th of July
Cavalcade of America You Were There Declaration of Independence program. (Download mp3 here.)
Homeschool Bits America Copywork & Puzzles
Paul Revere Coloring Page
Thomas Jefferson Coloring Page
Benjamin Franklin Coloring Page
Week 5: George Washington

Read or listen to the first 15 chapters of Four Great Americans by James Baldwin - all about Washington's life for young readers.   pdf   |   Audio
Week 6: Louisiana Purchase

Louisiana Purchase Homeschool Helper On-line 
Thomas Jefferson’s Letter to Congress requesting money and reasons for this expedition.
Cavalcade of America's Will to Explore.
Week 7: War of 1812

Star-Spangled Banner Activities (Including math connections)
PBS Teacher's Guide for Dolley Madison (American Experience) Includes War of 1812 & events leading up to Civil War
Week 8: Henry Clay & The Missouri Compromise

Week 9: Compromise of 1850

Week 10: Polk

1843 Map of Oregon Trail (Includes click-through tour of the Oregon Trail and its landmark sites)
Traveling to the Distant West (Reading Comprehension)
Craft:  Pioneer Print-outs:  Horse and Wagon
Week 11 & 12:  Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

Homeschool Radio Shows:  The Man Who Taught Lincoln, The Story of Lincoln's Mother, and Out of the Wilderness
Week 13: 14th Amendment

(See Weeks 11-12)
The Meaning of the 14th Amendment: Video and Lesson Plan for older students
Week 14: Tycoons

Week 15: T. Roosevelt

The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt (Part 1) (part 2 and 3 available at the bottom of the page)
Week 16: Immigration to America

Irish in America (Immigration)
Immigration The Journey to America (Includes a game called The Ellis Island Experience
Videos  (have fun with history):
Statue of Liberty Coloring Page  easier, more detailed
Historical Immigration Statistics try your hand at reading and analyzing data
Week 17: President Wilson

Wilson’s War Message
Lusitania & WWI Videos –
Week 18: Pearl Harbor

Free Teaching Kit:  One Survivor Remembers (Please preview - Recommended for Grades 6+)
Week 19: NATO

What is NATO? Interactive Video
The Role of NATO Lesson Plan (Grades 9-12 with adaptations for younger students)
Week 20: Brown v. Board of Education

(See Week 13) Teaching Kits:  Order Free Teaching Kits on the Civil Rights Movement (Recommended for Grades 6+.  Be sure to preview these before allowing children to watch - some contain strong language.)
Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" Speech
Week 21: US Astronauts

John F. Kennedy  Video Moon Speech  Part 1 Part 2
Apollo 11 Launch  recreation, science and history
Space Race videos (have fun with history)
Apollo moon landing  video, youtube
Connect to the Moon Website (Lesson Plans for multiple grade levels)
Moon Phases Animation
Learn about space exploration (
Space Videos (9 animated interviews of modern-day scientists)
Week 22: September 11, 2001

9/11 Fact Sheet (A great overview of the Twin Towers and 9/11)
Week 23: Preamble to the US Constitution

Week 24: Bill of Rights
Read and Search the Constitution (Also a link to print  the Constitution)
Overview of the Constitution for Kids:
·          K – 3rd 
·         4th – 7th 
·         8th – 12th
Scholastic Inside the Constitution PreambleThe ArticlesBill of Rights
Mock Election Campaigning Game with questions relating to the Bill of Rights
Schoolhouse Rock’s I’m Gonna Send Your Vote to College (Electoral College)
Schoolhouse Rock’s Three Ring Government (Branches of the US Gov't)

Science:  Human Anatomy

All Weeks (1-12)
Schoolhouse Rock’s The Body Machine
Week 1
Week 2
Schoolhouse Rock’s Them Not-so-Dry Bones
Week 3
Week 4
Schoolhouse Rock’s Telegraph Line (nervous system)
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Schoolhouse Rock’s Do the Circulation
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Schoolhouse Rock’s Do the Circulation
"Cell Craft" a fabulous game about cells (takes a few hours to complete all levels)

Weeks 13-18
Element Connections (recommended for ages 9-14)

English Grammar
Weeks 1-24

Week 4-17
Week 5

Week 6
Weeks 7-8
Weeks 9-10
Week 11-12

Week 14
Week 15
Week 17
Week 18-19
Essentials or Other Topics
Holt Elements of Language (For middle school)

All Weeks
Week 1-10

The Star-Spangled State Book by Knowledge Quest $
Learning Across the USA notebooking pages
National Atlas
Week 2
Week 4
Week 7
Week 13
Week 14
Other Weeks
Week 19

Weeks 1-24
Weeks 1-11
Interactive Times Table at (also has worksheets, on-line math fact practice, and other activities)
Week 1
Skipping to Oregon  Skip count by 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s with this Oregon-Trail theme
Martian Multiplication File Folder Game
Multiple Blessings File Folder Game (templates can be used to practice other multiplication facts)
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

Week 5
Week 6
Week 13-17

Week 18
Week 21-24
Other (For other games on expanded notation, fractions, decimals, and other math concepts)
Drawing:  Weeks 1-6
What to Draw and How to Draw It by E. G. Lutz provides step-by-step instructions for drawing
Draw Write Now Free Samples (includes Transcontinental Railroad)
Week 1
Willie's First Drawing Lessons by A Lady, an amusing story about the elements of drawing
Week 2
Week 5
Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling. (Also downloadable on 4shared.) 
3D Drawing Group Game (for Masters)
Week 6
3D Drawing Group Game (for Masters)
Tin Whistle & Music Theory:  Weeks 7-12
Ryan Duns on-line video course for learning to play the Irish tin whistle.
Piano Teacher Resources (many are general enough for Tin Whistle)
Famous Artists: Week 13-18
Orchestra & Famous Composers:  Weeks 19-24
Famous musicians Notebooking Pages (includes Tchaikovsky)


Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (Le Sacre Du Printemps)

On-line Interactives & Orchestra Websites:
Dallas Symphony Orchestra's website for kids (with games and activity sheets)


Overall Latin Resources
The Amazing Handwriting Worksheet Maker (for making practice sheets)

About Classical Conversations
Other resources for Classical Conversations

This page will be updated as time permits.  


  1. I'm working on organizing our CC materials and plan on collecting resources as I come across them. I'm looking for the cycle 3 reading list to save to my computer for later. Do you have a list similar to the one you have for cycle 1 and 2? Thank you so much. This website is fantastic.

    1. I'm sorry, Laura. I do not have one that I can post on-line because I used one from CC Connected (which is someone else's work). All I have are some overall literature selections I chose for Cycle 3 here:

      Please let me know if you have any other questions or are looking for anything else in particular!

      Blessings to you!

  2. Brandy,

    I was just looking ahead for the next school year, and thought you would like to know the links have been taken over by a "Hostgator Hosting" site. It looks like the Schoolhouse Rock videos have been uploaded on YouTube by different users, though.

    I have enjoyed your site and your resources on CC Connected so much. Thanks for all of your hard work over the years!
    (kkillingsworth on CC Connected)

    1. Thank you, Karen! I appreciate the feedback and will get it fixed as soon as I can!



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