Thursday, June 21, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 English Grammar

A list of free English Grammar resources correlated to our Classical Conversations Cycle 1 memory work, for use with Classical Conversations Foundations Guide, 4th Edition. This is not intended to be something you have to use with Classical Conversations.  But... in case you are looking for supplemental resources that match our memory work and have nothing better to do, here y'go:

Resources for Prepositions, Helping Verbs, and Linking Verbs
English Grammar for Cycle 1 of Classical Conversations 

Picture Books:  Because we LOVE picture books
Under, Over, by the Clover:  What is a Preposition? by Brian P. Cleary
Behind the Mask:  A Book about Prepositions by Ruth Heller
Around the House the Fox Chased the Mouse: Adventures in Prepositions by Rick Walton 

If You Were a Noun, a Verb, an Adjective, an Adverb, a Pronoun, a Conjunction, and Interjection, a Preposition (Word Fun) by Michael Dahl 
{Individual books of the Word Fun series
Kites Sail High:  A Book about Verbs by Ruth Heller
Vinny the Action Verb and Lucy the Linking Verb by Coert Voorhees

Activities and Worksheets

Helping Verbs
Linking Verbs


Essentials Resources or Other English Grammar Topics
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