Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tin Whistle & Music Theory

Tin Whistle & Music Theory is probably the most DIFFICULT of Fine Arts subjects for me. Sometimes I even find myself hoping the boys have forgotten that their tin whistles are in their backpacks. I keep telling myself it doesn't have to be that way. I don't want it to be that way. I want to be an encouragement despite my immaturity.  

So I try to surround myself with more positive thoughts like how BEAUTIFUL the tin whistle can sound. This piece is performed by Ryan Duns of Fordham University. He has also uploaded several videos as an on-line video course for learning to play the Irish tin whistle.

And for tutors who are teaching Music Theory to 4- and 5-year-olds, you can feel encouraged as you watch a tutor Teach Rhythm to Abecedarians. For those who are not tutoring, the video is worth watching just to make your heart smile. A couple of photos from Teaching Rhythm to Abecedarians: 

Making Music Fun contains sheet music, composer & music theory worksheets, and practice charts, but there are a ton more music theory worksheets and activities listed below...

Do you need game ideas? Piano Teacher Susan Paradis and Joy at Color in My Piano have incredible ideas just for you.  Color in My Piano also has some great worksheets!

Now, my absolute favorite help of all time has been a set of videos from a Classical Conversations tutor of the Blanchette Trio.  You can view the videos by visiting Blanchette Trio on Facebook.  A SPECIAL REQUEST:  Please do not share direct links to these youtube videos via a blog post, Pinterest, or other social media website, as they are private videos that should only be accessed via the Blanchette Trio Facebook page or CC Connected. And my other special request is... please like Blanchette Trio on Facebook as a way to say "Thank you!" for the effort and time that was put into making them!

Finally, you'll also want to check out these Tin Whistle Lesson Plans from Adventures of Bear.

Way Too Many Tin Whistle & Music Theory Resources:  Weeks 7-12

Free Musical Symbol and Notes Printable Cards
Free Math & Music Learning Printable Activity
Music Theory and Tin Whistle Notebook Sheets in our Fine Arts Notebook Printable
Tin Whistle Tablature
For instructional videos on how to teach tin whistle, please visit (and like!) the Blanchette Trio Facebook Page.
Tin Whistle Sleeping Bags
Tin Whistle Lesson Plans
Simple Dot-to-Dot and other music theory worksheets
Turkey Color-by-Note Page
Pumpkin Color-by-Note Page
Sticker Notes on the Staff
Sorted List of Music Theory Links (to games, worksheets, etc.)
Free Music Theory Grammar Lapbook
Another Free Music Lapbook with Additional Worksheets
Music Note Race Classroom Kinesthetic Game
Ships are Sailing with the Tin whistle by Ryan Duns of Fordham University
Ryan Duns on-line video course for learning to play the Irish tin whistle.
Free Pathways to Harmony Music Theory Workbooks: Contains activity books that teach notes and rhythm and much, much more. Direct links:
   Pathways to Harmony Notes Chapter
   Pathways to Harmony Rhythm Chapter
Music Symbols Cut-and-Paste
Making Music Fun Music Theory Worksheets
Color in my Piano:  Tons of free downloads and ideas for music theory practice and review:
   Music Theory Games from Color in My Piano
   Music Theory printables - flashcards, etc. from Color in My Piano.
Codemaker Note-naming Activity
Mystery Message Game (recognition of rhythm and pitch)
Opus Music Theory Worksheets
Fun Music Co. Music Theory Worksheets
Links to On-line Music Education Games
Susan Paradis Music Theory Games: This site is a gold mine of games for fun music theory practice at home and in the classroom (...and if you have a child learning to play piano, too)! Here are a few of the games available:
   Music Bingo
   Note-Go-Find Game
   Skittles Note Game
   Fish Flash Cards
   Round about Rhythm
   Round about Rhythm Cards
   Round about Rhythm Card Backs
   Ladybug Board Game (Note Identification)
   Rhythm Pizza
   Rhythm Memory Game
   Rhythm Memory Game Back
   Fly Swatter Note Game
   Rhythm Blocks
   Whole & Half Rest Memory Device

Do you have any great music theory or tin whistle resources that should be added to this list?  Please let us know in the comments, or email me directly at brandyferrell, and I'll be glad to add them to the list!

(My word of encouragement:  Although it's taken me over three years to get to this point, I'm happy to share that Tin Whistle no longer frightens me. )


  1. I wish I could hug your neck! I have more and more confidence that I can do this new tutor thing every time I see that there is help out there. Thank-you so much for putting all of these resources in one place for me to use!

  2. Lovin' your new About Me picture!

  3. I am currently tutoring the tin whistle for the abecedarians at my campus. I appreciate all of the resource recommendations. Do you by chance still have the file for the oversized music for Mary had a Little Lamb? Is so, could you please email irt to me: Jillianmyers@hotmail,com
    Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Jillian! I don't have the oversized music for Mary Had a Little Lamb - I think it is on CC Connected by MarykBry (??).

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!