Saturday, June 9, 2012

WWII Wrap-up

And, now... after 16 weeks... we have finally finished our official WWII Unit Study.  As our WWII history buff, Stephen requested this special project after completing the Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression. As we closed out the school year, he even told me that "if we don't finish the WWII projects before summer, that's okay.  Because I want to do the WWII study in my spare time."

It wasn't just Stephen, though.  Even I was totally intrigued with the WWII Hands-On History Pack by Homeschool in the Woods.  We learned so much from this project pack that I will not even be able to do it justice in this post.  But because it's time for our annual yearbook via Blog2Print - and the boys are already asking to look though this year's yearbook - I am trying to wrap up these last few tidbits of our school year in a tossed-together, haphazard sort of way.

Ongoing projects for this unit were:

Map Overlays of the Major Events of the European and Pacific Theatres

Another huge accordion timeline detailing WWII
and the Frontline News
 Then there were tons of other projects, like...

...soldier uniform overlays (you can download this activity for free:  WWII Time Travelers History Studies Sampler):

...and Language Bingo:

...and WWII medals:

...and an entire study on a real WWII hero named John F. Ebel, 1st Lieutenant E Company, 351st Regiment, 88th Division "The Blue Devils":

We made ration books and token holders...

...and made a victory garden (This herb garden was my Mother's Day gift.):

We played some games:
WWII Vocabulary Concentration Game with War Time Words,
Military Words, and Home Front & Beyond
Fight For Freedom Game (Stephen won playing against me.)

And completed a ton of other activities, like propaganda posters and pinback buttons, a service record book, V-mail, women of WWII, Military weapons, the USO, FDR's Fireside Chats, etc., etc., etc.

along with a lapbook detailing the holocaust, POWs, K-Rations, and the rationing efforts taking place back at home to support the troops overseas.

When Gary returned from Tanzania, Stephen presented his projects to his daddy:

And finally, on June 6, 2012 (the anniversary of D-Day!), we shipped off a care package to a unit stationed in Djibouti, via
Great projects, great fun!  We loved pulling out the Cycle 2 memory work from our brain's "file cabinet" and connecting it to the Cycle 3 history memory work as we completed these activities! And we look forward to coming back to this once again in Spring of 2014 (when we go through Cycle 2 once again)!

As a side note, for those as obsessed with timelines as we are, the History through the Ages Timeline Figures at Homeschool in the Woods are the absolute best I have ever seen.  We plan to use them for our Timeline Wall and Book of Centuries in the coming year.  (Check out a sample here.)


  1. I really enjoyed this. How wonderful! I checked out the Pak Family website that you referenced here and I can see why you love it! Any recommendations on what I can purchase for Cycle 1 of CC? Thanks so much, Elaine

  2. She just released a new history pack called Great Empires that would fit into Cycle 1 well:

    She also has one on the Old Testament:

    All of her other Time Traveler History Series packets are for American History (Cycle 3).

    We will be using the Timeline Figures for our Timeline in the fall, too:

  3. Wow! Quite impressive!! What is the Fight For Freedom game? That looks like a great tool that could be modified for for almost anything! Did you come up with it? What is printed on the cards?

  4. The Fight for Freedom game was part of the Homeschool in the Woods Activity Pack: The cards have questions from the vocabulary and terms that were introduced in the written portion of the activity pack. I highly recommend it!

  5. I forgot to re-reply to this post. But Homeschool in the Woods now has a Great Empires Study. We are planning to purchase complete it over our winter break! Visit