Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week 1 Link-up

The Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Weekly Link-up is a place to share your ideas and activities for each week of CC during Cycle 1 (2012-2013 school year).  Unlike most weekly link-ups, this link-up will not be organized according to date but will be organized according to the week of CC.  As such, these weekly link-ups will remain open for several months to accommodate for all the different schedules implemented by various CC Communities.  (Note that Weeks 13-24 will be released in December.)  This Link-Up is for Week 1 of Cycle 1.

Classical Conversations Weekly Link-up
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Would you like to participate? 
For bloggers:  Feel free to share either 1) your plans for the week listed above or 2) what you did for this particular week of CC.  When submitting your entry, please include the name of your blog and link directly to your post for the week noted in the post heading (so we can find it!) rather than to your entire blog. 
For non-bloggers:  Visit the fabulous Cycle 1 blog entries--all kinds of ideas for supplementing Classical Conversations. Come back often to see if others have submitted their ideas!

For those receiving this in your email inbox, just click on the heading of this post to access the "Add Your Link" button or to access links that have been submitted.

This will help all of us to easily find all the ideas others have shared for each week of CC!  Thank you for participating!


  1. I linked up. Thanks for hosting this link up. Jill's link (the first link) is not working, btw. Just thought you might want to know. I'll be linking up my other weeks later tonight.

  2. Wow... totally in love... sending this to my Jersey cc'ers ;)

  3. is there a way to remove a link that is already posted? sorry to be a bother :/

  4. You should be able to delete any links you've included, but I also need to contact inlinkz to have all of these updated to thumbnail images. If you don't see where you can delete them, I'll be glad to do it for you! You can email me directly at halfahundredacrewood at :)

    Brandy Ferrell
    Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood