Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Exploring Ancient Greece by A Journey Through Learning

Co-founded and co-owned by fellow Classical Conversations Mom, Nancy FilecciaA Journey Through Learning offers dozens of lapbooks and study guides that correlate to our Classical Conversations memory work.  These lapbooks and unit studies are designed for pre-school-aged students through middle school, though most are geared towards Grades 2-7.   

What is covered in Exploring Ancient Greece:

Who were the Ancient Greeks?
Map of Ancient Greece
Daily Life in Ancient Greece
Marriages and Weddings
Greek Housing
School in Ancient Greece
Greek Gods and Goddesses
The Olympics
Greek Food and Entertainment
Greek Theater
Greek recipes
Make a mosaic and other crafts/activities

                      Download a sample here.

                      My Two Cents:
                      For those who have never created a lapbook, Exploring Ancient Greece  provides everything you need to know for your first lapbooking experience.  The instructions and diagrams are detailed, and the templates are easy to assemble.  If you are looking for a simple supplement to provide a broad overview of Ancient Greece, the study guide provides a great introduction to the life and times of Greece, simple enough for lower elementary students to understand and retain.  Also included in the study guide are craft ideas, along with recipes for making a Greek meal.  Like the Ancient Egypt lapbook, this was a great way for us to practice using our Key Word Outlines in preparation for Essentials.  Although we originally intended to complete this lapbook during Weeks 3-4 of Classical Conversations, this lapbook was completed in one afternoon by my nine-year-old son, two weeks before starting our CC school year.

                      One unexpected benefit from completing this lapbook is that it gave us a chance to review and talk about our Story of the World readings from this summer - especially on the differences between Athens and Sparta.  It was encouraging to hear how much Stephen and David remembered!

                      For those with upper elementary children, Exploring Ancient Greece can be used as a preliminary introduction to Ancient Greece (and/or introduction to lapbooking), but chances are your students will want to dig deeper (like mine).  A Journey Through Learning also offers a more advanced lapbook for Ancient Greece.  Another options is to use Homeschoolshare's Ancient Greece lapbook (if you are already familiar with lapbooking), along with templates from Dynamic2Moms Ancient Greece Page.

                      I received this product free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review.  The opinions expressed herein are my personal, honest opinions, though your experience may vary.  Please read my full disclosure policy for more details.

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