Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Free Ancient Rome Lapbook with Study Guide

Currclick's Freebie this week only is an Ancient Rome lapbook by A Journey Through Learning, recommended for Grades 2-7.

This is a DIFFERENT LAPBOOK than the one we reviewed last month:  A Journey Through Learning's Exploring Ancient Rome Lapbook, recommended for students Grades K-3.  This lapbook includes more detail than that provided in the Exploring Ancient Rome Lapbook.

To get this freebie:

Visit Ancient Rome Lapbook with Study Guide on Currclick.  If you do not already have an account, sign up for one!  Then click to purchase this item - you will not need to enter your credit card information, since it is free. After you have checked out, it will provide a link for the download.  Sometimes (probably because we are WAY out in the boonies and have satellite Internet) I have to open the download link in more than one tab in our browser to get the download to start.  I don't anticipate that others will need to do that, but just in case you are also WAY out in the boonies...

Also, be sure to browse the 700+ free resources available on Currclick, and sign up for the weekly newsletter so you will know what the new freebies are each week! 

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