Saturday, March 2, 2013

Memory Work - The Sticker Incentive

When it comes to memory work, I resort to all sorts of bribery rewards.  Last week, it was M&Ms, this week it was stickers.  

When we parent-proof all three of them at the end of the year, we use coins.  It’s pretty motivating when they get to put a coin on top of each fact instead of just a sticker. (Equates to ~$16 for dimes, ~$8 for nickels, $1.50 for pennies.)

I only have one child who will be officially memory-master proofing all the way through the director proof.  With the other two, I still go through the process of proofing them as a parent - they're my little Memory Masters in Training.  To know a bit more about what a Memory Master is, click here (though that post was written last year!).

Download a copy of the Memory Work Sticker Book here.


  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing. : ) I have two testing this year and this will come in handy. : )

  2. What a very simple idea that is so easy to implement! We don't have any ... but we'll still use it for review.

  3. Thanks for this! We aren't going for Memory Master this year -- still getting our feet wet, but Grant wanted me to print this so he can try on his own with me for Memory Master. What a wonderful printable this is. Thank you, Brandy!

  4. That is so great! David and Levi did not go for memory master this year, but to be honest, I was exhausted with proofing Stephen on all three cycles! :) (And somehow I STILL was not able to do it myself, even after all that REVIEW! LOL! Timeline gets me every time! But... there's always next year!)

    So glad this printable is useful to you! Thanks for your comment, Mary!



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