Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ecology, Astronomy, and Physical Science Resources

Welcome to our on-line resources for Science!

As is all our lists of links, this page is a work in progress.  For those wishing to find creative ideas for science throughout the year, I highly recommend joining Pinterest because there are CC Cycle 2 Science Pinterest Boards Galore over there. I humbly state, for the record, that Pinterest overwhelms me, so I usually only use it when I am trying to find a particular resource or if I'm planning for a birthday party.  (But to be honest, I'm not sure which is worse - Pinterest or my disorganized bookmarks bar.  At least Pinterest has pictures, though my brain doesn't seem capable of handling so many ideas at once.)

Remember this is a link "buffet." It is not intended that all of these resources be used.  In fact, for those who use Classical Conversations, it isn't necessary to supplement Classical Conversations with any crafts, worksheets, or on-line resources.  (You can read why here.) 

If you're a worksheet fan, you can look into learningpage.com's Space worksheets.  It requires a log-in, but the site includes funsheets (worksheets for math, etc.), murals, cut-outs, fact sheets, and lesson plans.  Another option is to use Education.com (several of those are referenced below), but free downloads are limited to ten per month.  But... you can start now and possibly stay ahead of the game!

Finally, if you know of resources that you think should be on this list, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments or email me at brandyferrell at yahoo dot com, and I'll update the list with your contribution! Thanks!

Weekly Resources

Week Science Topic Website
1-6 Ecology

1 Biomes

2 Consumers

3 Food Chain

4 Natural Cycles
Nitrogen Cycle Printable Game (Reservoir Stations, Passports)

5 Reaction to Environment
*Note:  Our references to adaptation do not refer to evolution but refer to the animal's ability to adapt to variations in the environment
6 Pollution

7-12 Astronomy

7 Kinds of Stars

8 Parts of Sun

9 Planets

10 Moon Phases

11 Other Bodies

12 U.S. Space Missions
John F. Kennedy Video Moon Speech  Part 1 Part 2
Space Race videos (have fun with history)
Apollo moon landing  video, youtube
Learn about space exploration (kidsastronomy.com)
Space Videos (9 animated interviews of modern-day scientists)

Physical Science
13-24 Physical Science
13 States of Matter
14 Acid & Base
15 Forms of Energy

16-18 Newton’s Laws of Motion

19-21 Laws of Thermodynamics

22 Characteristics of Light

23 Heat Flow

24 Electricity

For other subjects, visit our Cycle 2 Resources Page.

Please notify us of broken links by leaving a comment or using the "contact me" button on the right sidebar. And if you know of other science resources that are useful for your family, we would love for you to share them in the comments section!

(Note: Videos referenced have not been previewed due to our s-l-o-w and l-i-m-i-t-e-d satellite Internet connection...)

The resources and information posted to this blog are intended to be used with the Foundations Guide 4th Edition from Classical Conversations. If you are using this site to supplement Classical Conversations, please ensure that you own a copy of the Foundations Guide from Classical Conversations.


  1. This is an awesome site! I teach sixth grade science in a public school, and you've compiled better moon resources on this page than I've been able to find through several google searches. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Mrs. Smith! Thank you so very much for your feedback! You made my day!

    Let me know if you're ever searching for a particular topic. I've got several science subjects tucked in various places and will be happy to point you in the right direction!