Sunday, July 10, 2011

Classical Conversations Math Resources

Originally I was planning to post detailed, week-by-week plans for Classical Conversations Cycle 3 on our blog, but...
my husband's work schedule changed and, boy, has he been gone a lot lately!  (Naturally, it's my husband's fault!)   
AND it takes a lot longer time (and more concentration! ouch!) to create a post that includes every subject for every week.   
AND I may possibly need to spend some of my time planning to be a CC tutor even though I keep trying to convince God that He really needs to send someone else to do this.  Why?  Because I prefer working behind the scenes with as little responsibility as possible on our CC meeting days.  It's my only day to not be totally in charge (aside from church) when my husband's on the other side of the world.  AND I LIKE being able to get there "just in the nick of time" instead of the daunting responsibility of getting all of us there an hour early - and you mean I actually have to PREPARE?!?.  AND, I am not always patient (among other things), and I don't want to stress out trying to get our children to a place I have really enjoyed going to in the past.  There.  I said it.  (Now, doesn't that make all of you parents and new tutors out there feel better knowing my character flaws?)
So, the big change is:  I am going to post resources for Cycle 3 by subject instead of by week.  It will save a bunch of time and keep me from repeating myself on subjects that have resources that span across several weeks.  

Math Resources for Classical Conversations (All Cycles, All Weeks) or for anybody just wanting help with teaching multiplication, unit conversions, geometry, and math laws:
I post resources for CC not only to benefit other parents, but it also helps me to get organized.   If you have landed on this blog post and are looking for:

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  1. Hi Brandy, I'm Senae. I got your e-mail through MTHEA Chat. I love your honesty in this post about why you didn't want to take on the tutor position w CC! lol. Sounds a lot like me, not with CC, but with other things. ;) I have two children ages 5 & 3, and my blog is at Glad to find your blog. :)



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