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Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Resources

Welcome to our on-line resources for Classical Conversations Cycle 1!  While it is not necessary to supplement Classical Conversations with crafts, worksheets, videos, and other on-line resources, we offer these lists as a quick reference on our family website for those who wish to easily find such resources.

However, please note that simply drilling the grammar (or knowledge) and reading literature as a family will give your child an incredible grounding for the logic (or understanding and application) and rhetoric (or wisdom and communication) levels of classical learning. In fact, you need not even match up your reading selections with what we are learning in Classical Conversations! The memory pegs will come up in whatever you are reading whenever you are reading it - whether it's now or several years down the road!

For a simple plan on how to use these resources, download our Cycle 1 sample activity plan family uses an approach similar to that shown in our sample activity plan, but we primarily use a reading plan along with activities to encourage science exploration and art/music study in our home. Our plans do not equal reality. The plans are a general structure for our days, but the flexibility provided by the 24-week Classical Conversations Foundations schedule allows us room to postpone or add books or activities as we progress through the school year. {Although we prefer to correlate some of our readings and activities to the cycle we are studying, it's not necessary to do so. Feel free to study whatever it is your children show an interest in! In fact, please read this article about Freedom in the Grammar Stage.}

I offer everything I create on this blog for free but request that you do not copy and re-post these lists as your own work. You are free to print any of my personal downloads and to use any content on this website. When sharing our printable downloads with others, please consider referring back to our blog posts instead of linking directly to the file(s). For more information, please refer to my Terms of Use.

Click on the pictures (or links) below to access our lists of resources for each subject. If the images do not display correctly, scroll down to the list of links at the bottom of this post. A few of these pages are still being updated. We hope to have all of the pages updated and reposted before June 1 eventually? With my husband gone almost all summer as I prepare to direct our community this school year AND with a toddler thrown in to the mix, it has been a bit crazy in our neck of the woods! I still have full intentions of updating this page, but I'm not sure when time will allow for me to do so. Having said that, if you come across broken links, please let me know! I'll repost each page as I finish updating and improving upon it. Hopefully that will happen before December. (haha, sort of.)


If you would like to contribute some great resources you've found for this cycle, feel free to leave a comment or email me at halfahundredacrewood  Thanks!

On some browsers the images on this page may load slowly.  In that case, please use the following text links.

Resources by Subject:

U.S. Presidents
History & Geography
English Grammar
Fine Arts: Drawing
Fine Arts: Tin Whistle & Music Theory

Fine Arts:  Great Artists
Fine Arts:  Orchestra & Composers
General Bible Resources  (Not related to memory work, but an important part of our school day!)
Essentials - Preparing for Essentials
Essentials Scheduling and Planning
A Stick and the Sand and Your Essentials Guide
Essentials Chart Mastery
Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood Site Map
CC Blog Carnival
{Past CC Blog Carnival Ideas and Resources}
Cycle 1 Weekly Link-Up
CC Cycle-at-a-Glance Sheets
Cycle 1 Planner:  Single-Page Layout
Cycle 1 Planner:  Double-Page Layout
Cycle 1 Weekly Planners
Cycle 1 Reading Plans
Cycle 1 Reading Plan for Lit Lovers
Cycle 1 Literature Booklist

The following inactive links will be updated in the coming months:
Cycle 1: 2015-2016 CC Blogroll 

Other possibly useful posts: 
How We Do School
Ways to Practice Memory Work
How to Find Free Literature for Cycle 1
Classical Conversations and The Well-Trained Mind
Memorization and Organization for Classical Conversations
Classical Conversations for Beginners
A Day in the Life of a Classical Conversations Tutorial
"10 Lessons I've Learned from 30 Years of Homeschooling" by Michael P. Farris
What the CC timeline looks like on a linear scale
Challenge Program
How to Make Your Own Copywork and Notebooking Pages (also includes a free workbook for those needing a bridge between Prescripts Level 1 and Prescripts Level 2)
Memory Work Review Games
Essentials Help
Supplementing CC on a Shoestring
Memory Work Tri-Fold Board
Our Classical Notebook {Printables}
Intro to Copywork, Narration, Dictation
The Freeing Thing About the Grammar Stage
What is Classical Education, Part 1
What is Classical Education, Part 2

Our Original Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Resources Post 
(written over three years ago; The links below this line will be updated as time permits. If you find a broken link, please let me know! Thank you! You will find much more at the links above.)

Though I have not really started planning for next year, I just wanted to make everyone aware of a few free resources available for Cycle 1 (mainly because a couple of these download links will be expiring soon!).

But before I list these links, let me state our little disclaimer:  Our family will NOT be doing all of this stuff. And I have NOT looked through these thoroughly nor have I decided what we might even attempt to do from all of this.  At this point, it's just a disorganized plethora of links that have no rhyme or reason..

About Us, Classical Christian Education, and Classical Conversations
With great humility (because I don't feel competent enough to have even been asked - much less answer - questions about Classical Christian Education), I share that I was interviewed by Liesl Den at Parents Magazine:  on who we are, how we started homeschooling, what Classical Christian Education is, and our vision with Classical Conversations.  If you'd like to know more about how we homeschool, what our philosophy of education is, and why we love Classical Conversations and Classical Christian Education so much, visit a look into our lives at The Homeschool Den with Liesl Den at  (Part 1 covers how we started homeschooling, how we accidentally came across Classical Conversations, what a Classical Christian Education is, and an overview of the Classical Conversations Program.  Part 2 includes how my husband is involved, what our school day usually looks like, what my favorite homeschooling memory is, and what curriculum we recommend other than Classical Conversations.)

This list of resources is to be used with the Foundations Guide 4th Edition from Classical Conversations.  (Without the guide, this is just a list of links with little rhyme or reason and will not be of much use to you!)

Help with Memorization:
The Scripture Memory System (by Simply Charlotte Mason) is a file-folder method of memorizing that has been proven time and again.  The very useful program Anki provides a means of practicing on-line flashcards of the material to be memorized and automatically shuffles the memory work to a frequency that is needed, much like the hand-made file folder version at Simply Charlotte Mason.

Cycle 1 History

Because Cycle 1 introduces us to the religions of the world, we are planning to study the Ancient Empires based upon the geography memory work.  Melissa at the Corkums has offered a great plan of study for history and science, and you can also download discussion points from 10 O'Clock Scholar  (correlated to Tapestry of Grace).  And check out the Cycle 1 Pinterest pages!  (I have just started pinning for Cycle 1, but tons of other people already have huge lists of links!)  

We will continue our Timeline Project and use unit studies (incorporating picture books and chapter books) and notebooking/lapbooking activities, choosing some activities from the following:
More on Timelines

We  are a little obsessed about timelines here.  We have a wall timeline (via the Timeline Project), a timeline notebook (aka, Book of Centuries), and several accordion-style timelines.  To find out how to use a Book of Centuries and to download a free template, visit Simply Charlotte Mason.  See much more on our Timeline Page. You can also download our free accordion timeline and timeline notebooking pages here.

And towards the end of the school year, you can visit U.S. Presidents for crafts, projects, activities and ideas.

Cycle 1 Science:  Biology
Cycle 1 Science:  Earth Science
Cycle 1 Geography
More info on Classical Education and Classical Conversations:  Things that help me to get the "Big Picture":
Are you looking for something else?  Have you found a broken link?  Please let me know!

Thanks for dropping by and for recommending and sharing this website with others! May God bless all your endeavors in the coming year!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing all your finds with us. You are such a gift from God.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  2. Your blog and the CC Connected forums are the most helpful resources for me as a first year CC parent and Foundations tutor. I am honored that you make the time in your busy schedule to post your plans and resources. Thank you!

  3. Hi Brandy, We're planning to use Mystery of History during Cycle 1 this coming year - I haven't used it before (only SOTW) but because it is from a Christian perspective, I am going to give it a try!

  4. Mystery of History is the one I'm heavily considering right now. I really liked the sampler download and am going to try it out with the boys first. I would love to find something that contains unit studies and projects like the Homeschool in the Woods Time Traveler Series (which only exists for American History)! Thanks for sharing what you're planning to use!

  5. Stephanie ShepherdApril 19, 2012 at 8:22 AM

    I've got SOTW so that is what I will probably use this next year. I'm interested at some point in exploring Mystery of History as I've heard so much good stuff about it ... some day. : )

  6. Hi Brandy, which Mystery of History book would I use for Cycle 1? Thanks so much

  7. I would use Volume 1, since it covers Creation to the Resurrection (which does not include all of the history we will be studying, since we will be learning events from history through the 1900s). Volume 2 and 3 fit more with Cycle 2, and the upcoming Volume 4 will work well with Cycle 3. To correlate history readings directly with CC is not always easy because the memory pegs cross such a large timeframe. For me, it is better to just select a history program and work through it (even if what we are studying in the history program is not directly related to what we are learning in CC), and then find a few other resources (like the CC History Highlights or a youtube video) if we want to follow up with the history sentences we memorize.

  8. Hi Brandy,

    Just found your blog and I am thrilled to see all of the resources you offer. Thank you very much. We finished up our second year with CC and our happy to now be starting Cycle 1, we already purchased most of our material and my children love the timeline song (couldn't wait until next year to listen to it).

    I was wondering if you could suggest a history/geography program? I have been contemplating Tapestry of Grace but have heard mixed reviews. I also contemplated putting my own together based on what we do with CC history sentences but not sure I have the time. Any suggestions you can make would be greatly appreciated.


  9. Never mind - Story of the World. :-) I only have all of the books.

  10. by the way what is SOTW, I am sure I should know but don't think I do. Thanks again!

  11. Hi Yvana! We will probably be using the Story of the World audio CDs along with an activity or two per week out of the Story of the World Activity Books. I also hope to post links to other activities for Cycle 1 correlated to each subject for each week. But I am simplifying quite a bit next year so that we have a much greater chance of success with Essentials!

    For geography, we will use a combination of various things - mostly computer practice through Seterra,, and, along with the MapTrek maps provided free from Knowledge Quest (linked in this post).

  12. Thank you so much. This is SO very helpful. I'm new to homeschooling and CC (sigh). Lots to learn. I praise God that I found you :)

  13. Just found your blog and this is our first year of CC ... can't wait to read more. I want to go ahead and THANK YOU for sharing all your links. I'm excited about CC!!!

  14. Have you found a break down of which moh chapters correlate with each week for cycle 1? I have all three volumes of moh and was looking to see if someone has already gone through each week and married up moh to them. Didn't want to do it if someone else already has! Thanks!

  15. There is a document on cc connected (I think by nogreaterjoy5) that matches up the history memory work to moh, sotw, kingfisher, and world history homework. I would provide the link to it, but I've been operating via cell because my computer has been in the "shop" for the past week getting windows reinstalled. :)

  16. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on reading books to go with Cycle 1? Is there a list out there of good readers to go with this cycle? I am new to cc:)

  17. saw on the web

  18. I am awaiting the Classical Conversations official suggested reading list to come out on CC Connected before choosing books. Knowing (or hoping) that CC will come up with a suggested reading list is my fall-back plan for now.  If they don't post one before August, I will likely come up with my own list, though it will probably be a copycat of those suggested by Tapestry of Grace at - just because it looks like a good list.  :)

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  19. The Cycle 1 Book List posted by rachelhallen in CC connected is less pretty than the CC final version, but is nicer because you can copy and paste the list easily into Excel. I will do this to then look through my library to see what they have, put the call number next to it and be ready to go for the year!

  20. I can't say thank you enough! You have provided me with so many resources and tools to really assist me in my first year of tutoring Essentials and having fun doing Foundations with my five year old. I'm sharing your blog with as many people that will listen!

    God Bless,

  21. I posted what we're doing for literature, although I have not had the time to create a list of picturebooks. Please visit this post for more details!


  22. Brand
    You have really encouraged me and provided support that reminds me that I can do this homeschooling/classical conversations season that God has called me to. Thank you for all of your wonderful advice, helpful links, and ideas! You have really blessed me!

  23. Do you have a schedule that correlates CC and Story of the World AUDIO books?

    Thanks so much for all of the wonderful information on your blog! You amaze me!!

  24. Thank you... this is such a great resource.
    For Bible there is a great Exodus 20 Ten Commandments rap song for free on Spotify or 99 cents on itunes or Amazon... just put in "Scott Knight Ten Commandments"
    This is a great upbeat option especially for BOYS!

  25. any word on half-sized timline review sheets for weeks 13-24? we loved them the first semester for the tri-fold board. thanks and blessings . ..

  26. It's now on CC connected -username brandyferrell and filename Timeline Review 2nd Semester - Half-size.pdf. Please let me know if you happen to see any errors, as my eyes still have not fully recovered from surgery and I'm still not seeing clearly. Blessings!

  27. by the way what is SOTW, I am sure I should know but don't think I do. Thanks again!

  28. Stories of Our BoysJune 3, 2015 at 9:55 PM

    Brandy, this is the PERFECT resource. Thank you! Do you mind if I create a link in my sidebar that goes straight to this page for Cycle 1? I think my friends and i will use it all year.

  29. Yes! Feel free to include the link to this page on your sidebar! Thanks for asking!

  30. squidoo is no longer in service and most writers from the site are now on hubpages.

  31. Hi Amy! Thank you for the reminder that I need to update this page. I am hoping that I'll have time to update it by the end of this month! Thanks!

    Brandy Ferrell
    Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

  32. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this website!! It is a treasure! I was wondering if you had an idea on when the sample activity plan would be updated for Cycle 1. Again thank you for all you do!!

  33. Thank you so very much!!! Your website is so helpful and I am so grateful for the time you put into it!!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of your summer!!