Thursday, July 18, 2013

Memory Work Review Games

Team CanDo Challenge - Download it here.

Another post pulled out of the archives... but now with a Review Game Link-Up! 

While on a search for simple memory work review games that can be prepared easily and implemented "on-the-fly" (as in, I am a CC sub tutor and have to be ready "on-the-fly" for any age/grade level), I've found (and made) some ideas that I just wanted to share with others!

I'm no expert here (I'm just a mom), but I'm thinking... if a tutor can find 6 games that his/her students like, those games can be repeated once per quarter.  If the children enjoyed it before, they will be excited to see it again... right?

So, given that the students in a class like half of the games listed here, these games should get us through this year... right?

Wastebasket Wads:  Tutor/Parent asks a question.  Whoever raises his/her hand first and answers gets to shoot a crumpled sheet of paper in the wastebasket.
Egg Race Relay:  Divide students into teams if there are parent helpers in class.  If not, have all students in the same line. Place bucket/bowl of plastic eggs at start line. Parent/tutor asks the student a question.  If student answers correctly, he/she balances a plastic egg on a spoon and sets it in an egg carton (or another bowl/bucket) at the finish line.  
Repetition with Aerobics:  As a class, repeat the memory work faster and faster until you can't say it anymore.  Add in jumping jacks, hops, running in place, etc. Move slowly at first and speed up as you sing/say the memory work faster and faster.  (May be better for introducing new grammar.)
Musical Chairs:  Set up chairs in a circle.  Place grammar topics on the backs of the chairs (one per chair) and place the same topics in a bag.  Play a classical music CD or the memory work audio CD.  Children listen to the music and dance, walk, stomp, and/or tiptoe to the sound of the music.  When music stops, all students find a chair.  The student sitting in the chair of the subject drawn out the baggie is the student who answers.
PingPong MuffinTin Game:   Have students draw one of 7 pingpong balls out of a bag (labeled with subjects).  Each muffin tin hole is assigned a week.  Throw the pingpong ball in the muffin tin.  (Might work better on a tabletop and with small bean bags??)

Using the games you already own at home:
HedBanz:  Timeline Review - is this idea not fun, fun, fun?!?  You can adapt it for the Science cards, too!
Jenga:  Label Jenga blocks with Week # and Subject, as shown on this post at Living Out This Love.
Another extensive set of memory work review games at SproutingTadpoles.
More ideas on our previous Review Game post.

Introducing the Coffee-Can Popsicle-Stick games from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood...

Wiggly Worms - Download it here.

Team CanDo Challenge - Download it here.

What-to-do-how-to-say-it - Download it here.

You can also just write these on a popsicle stick, but I like pretty pictures...

Fill er up:  Give each student a blank sheet of paper.  Have student draw a tic-tac-toe symbol on the paper with a box around it (dividing the paper up into nine sections).  Or Download our template with instructions here.  After a student answers a question, have all of the students write a number 1-9 in one of the sections.  After all nine boxes are full (with numbers 1-9), select one of the nine happy-face boxes.  The student with the highest number in that box wins.

You can also adapt games offered at Susan Paradis or Color in my Piano (These are music teacher sites, but many of the games can be adapted for other subjects.  For example, we use the fly-swat game for phonics practice.)

Although these are my personal creations, this is just a small sampling of the type of stuff that is available on CC Connected (in addition to songs that are not available on the CC Audio CD or MWRCD).  I am so glad that others freely share so many of their ideas and hard work via CC Connected.  I use it all the time!

More games available via CC Connected:  
Will the Winner Lose.pdf 
Trivial Pursuit Cycle 1.pdf 
CC Review Game - Cranium Spinner.pdf 
OUCH! Review Game.pdf (another version:  Band Aid Game.pdf)
Firecracker Game.pdf
CC Rockets Game with Border.pdf 
CC Review Game - Cranium Spinner.pdf
CC Game Board.pdf

Also visit our previous CC Review Games post and My Pinterest Board on Review Games

For non-Pinterest users, here are a few links to a few of those ideas:
Beach Ball Review
Build a Hamburger Game
Memory Work Games for Sunday School that can be easily adapted for CC

And if you have a review game idea, feel free (or obligated, ha!) to share it in the comments or link up below (email readers click here)! I've started by including links to our own games to make them easier to find, but now I'm anxiously awaiting other bloggers and readers to share their ideas as well!


  1. Brandy,
    I have used the Wiggly Worms game in my CC class for several years and it is the best review game I've found for 4-5 yr. olds! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. I am sssooooo happy to hear that! Thank you for taking the time to let me know! (Yippee!)

  3. Khelouda KheloudaMay 5, 2015 at 7:03 AM

    Well Brandy a year later we are still following classical education , the children found it and chose it ,,I found it difficult to follow in the begining but its really paying of well.
    Can;t thank you enough,:D